UAG PAMM Manager

Generate a large fund from investor to trade

Expand your investment

Are you an enthusiastic trader with confidence in your capability to generate dependable returns? Join UAG Markets as a PAMM Manager and give other traders the chance to invest in your trading approach. Generate a large fund and set a commission on the gains of your investors.

Why become UAG PAMM Manager?

Protected from being copied

You have a successful trading strategy that is gaining profits for you and your investors, using our PAMM program, your trades are safeguarded against being copied.

Trading result being showcased

The performance of PAMM Managers is displayed publicly, offering the opportunity to diversify your investments.

Full Control

Most of the rules and options for your PAMM Manager Account are made by you. It's up to you to decide.


The Manager Account dynamically adjusts each Investor's share after every deposit is made.

Get Alert

Get notified beforehand when money is added to your account. Our deposit alerts give you the opportunity to plan investments for your account.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Earn additional income by trading your funds and those of your investors. The bigger your profits the more investments you will attract, and the greater your earnings will be!

Automatic P&L Distribution

Profits or Losses are automatically distributed at the end of each trading period while your trading performance is also available for all UAG Markets investors to see and invest in!

Security & Fund Segregation

Trade with the peace of mind that your funds and those of your investors are kept in segregated accounts, while your strategy is kept private and secure.

Custom Performance Fee

Set your own performance fee percentage and create an offer to attract investors in a way that suits your monetization goals.

How to become our manager?


Register with UAG Markets if you haven't already done so.

Open PAMM Account

Set the manager's capital, and transfer the respective amount from your transitory account.

It’s a Win-Win

Set the terms of the proposal according to which you will be accepting investments on your PAMM account and start trading

Ready to get started? Register now and start trading.

Opening an account takes around 5 minutes. Your success Starts Here.