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Invest with ease and become an UAG PAMM Investor today! Enjoy the benefits of a secure, reliable and straightforward investment platform that will help you achieve your financial goals. With UAG PAMM program, you can easily monitor your investments, access your funds and make informed decisions. Open an account now and start investing with confidence!

What is PAMM

The Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a well-established method for fund management. Through PAMM, investors can copy the orders of the Fund Manager in a proportion that is determined by the amount of capital the Fund Manager has invested. The system also divides the profits from each order, displaying the returns each investor has made from the transaction

How does....

UAG PAMM works?

PAMM Manager

Establishes a UAG PAMM Account by allocating funds to their own Account, referred to as the Manager's Capital.

If the Manager is able to make successful trades and generate a profit for investors, they will receive a Success Fee, which is a predetermined percentage of the trading gains.


Easily select a PAMM Manager from the Performance Rankings page by reviewing the customizable Performance Table and filtering the results-based ranking, strategy name, minimum deposit, gain and maximum drawdown in order to find the one that best fits their investment goals.


The PAMM Manager uses their own funds and the capital of any investors in the account to make trades.

In other words, any gains or losses from the PAMM Manager's Account will be distributed amongst all the accounts that have invested in the PAMM Manager, in proportion to their investments.

Why Invest with UAG PAMM?


UAG PAMM Managers are obligated to contribute their own money in addition to the funds of their investors. This implies that your managers will always take their investors' interests into account when making a trade, since they have an investment in their accounts as well.

Professional Management

Skilled traders manage our PAMM investments, so you can benefit from their expertise without being actively involved in trading.

Flexible Funding

UAG PAMM account have the ability to manage their investments with total autonomy; they can make deposits or withdrawals from their PAMM Investment Account at the daily rollover with no additional costs or fees.


Investors are able to gain access to up-to-date, sophisticated information on the performance of their PAMM Managers in real time.

Diversify your investment

Construct a diverse UAG PAMM portfolio by investing in different PAMM Managers with distinct investment approaches. Choose the ones that best fit your investment objectives!

Low Minimum Investment

Our PAMM products have a low minimum investment requirement, making them accessible to a wide range of investors.

How to invest?


a suitable PAMM account from the ratings


with UAG Markets and top up your transitory account however you find convenient

Invest & manage

the funds on your investment account from UAG Markets Client Cabinet

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